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01. Why should I fast?

Christians traditionally fast during Lent, the 40 days leading up to Easter. This helps us focus on Jesus and better dedicate ourselves to Him as we remember His sacrifice for us on the cross. During the Easter Fast, we can pray for the friends, family, and co-workers in our life who don’t know Jesus. We can pray that God will give us opportunities to talk with them about our faith and invite them to Easter at Vernonia Church.

02. What is a fast?

A fast is simply abstaining from food or something else prominent in your life for a period of time, then replacing the time and desire spent on it with prayer, so you can grow closer to Jesus and hear His voice more clearly

03. What do I fast from?

There are many things you could choose to fast from, but here are some options: Fast from something that is a prominent part of your life. Fast from something that you think about every day. Fast from something that isn’t healthy for your or that you need to remove from your life anyway (for example, a sin or an unhealthy habit). Every time you think of what you are fasting from, pause and pray. Thank God for Jesus, pray for the people in your life who don’t know Jesus. Fasting Suggestions: Certain Food or Drinks, Social Media, 
TV / Netflix, Movies, Smoking, Pornography, Drinking, Gambling, Bad Habits


In order to focus more intently on Jesus, I will participate in Vernonia Christian's Easter fast from
February 17 - April 3.

Easter Fast Commitment

Every time my thoughts turn to the item I am fasting from, I will dedicate myself to pray for my personal relationship with Christ, for my friends, for my church, Vernonia Church, and for the people I am inviting to experience Easter Services.

Happy Easter. Thanks for letting us know your fasting plans. We will pray for you.

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