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This church has a long and rich history in the town of Vernonia yet we are not a church stuck in the past.We try hard to bring ancient truth of God into the modern world we live in today.


As a church we come along side of people from all walks of life to help them follow Jesus. The bibles word for this process is to “make disciples.” We see that as the purpose for everything we do from the outreach events we hold,  to the classes we offer, to the sermons we preach, to our worship style, and services. It’s the underlying theme for everything at our church.


Today we are a church that serves this community in all kinds of relevant ways. We have an intentionally vibrant and meaningful worship service. We provide opportunities to connect and build relationship through small groups and home groups. We have fantastic kids programs and youth outreach for every grade level. We provide educational opportunities through Sunday School classes for all ages. We reach out to the needy through an active benevolent program. We provide ministry opportunities for those who want to serve and try to plug people in to areas where they are gifted. We support international missions and church planting through our faith promise program. We have a number of various seasonal outreach programs like our annual Vernonia Sportsman’s Banquet, Vacation Bible School, and Fall Fair events and many more.


When the church was first started in 1924, it was started with a desire to see a church in our community where the message was simple and the mission was simple. We want to make Christian disciples and Christians only. We want to follow the bible together and the bible only. We are not a church that believes that we are the only Christians but we try hard to be Christians only. This was to be a church where people stood together on the core messages of the bible and yet left room for growth and differences in things were not essential to salvation. This was to be a church body where new people could start fresh learning the basics of following Jesus. At the same time the founders of this church wanted this to be a church body where where people from other backgrounds and church organizations could join together on common ground of the bible in unity. Together we all are working for the same goal. “Making Disciples.”

That heritage has been kept alive as the church has continued to change with the times and culture of Vernonia. Our music has changed and will continue to change. Our buildings have changed and will continue to be transformed. Our outreach and programs have changed and will continue to change. The people of this church will even change over the years. Yet, at our core we always have been and always will be a church about making disciples and teaching people to follow Jesus.

This is our Church’s story. We would like to invite you to make this church Your Church and help us write a new chapter in the story of the Christian Church in Vernonia.

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